Tuesday, 2 December 2014

ICC Announced $10 Million Prize Money For Winner of Cricket World Cup 2015

ICC Announced 10 Millions Dollar prize money for cricket world cup 2015. Since 2003 as far as price money, ICC has expanded the prize money in every World Cup. In last world cup which occurred in India the aggregate prize of money was 10 million USD expanded up to twofold of what was paid in 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup, West Indies. In Cricket World cup 2015 the cash & prize money for cricket world cup 2015 will be 10 Millions dollar.

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According to icc-cricket.com, the breakdown of prize money for the event was approved. A total of USD $10 million, an increase of approximately 20 per cent over the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, will be available. Team at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 who wins the tournament without losing a match, it will receive total prize money of USD $4,020,000, while a team that loses one match on the way to winning the tournament will receive USD $3,975,000.     

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RESULT 2015 2011
Winner USD$3,750,000 USD$3,250,000
Runner-up USD$1,750,000 USD$1,500,000
Losing semi-finalists (two) USD$600,000 USD$500,000
Losing quarter-finalists (four) USD$300,000 USD$250,000
Losing Super Eight stage (5th to 8th)  -  -
Winner of each Group match USD$45,000 x 42 USD$30,000 x 42
Teams eliminated after group stage USD$35,000 x 6 teams
TOTAL USD$10,000,000 USD$8,010,000


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