Friday, 6 March 2015

India vs West Indies 6 March Live Doordarshan Streaming todays match 2015

india vs west indies world cup 2015

Ind vs WI world cup 2015 Live Streaming Wiki Poster wallpaper Highlight

Indien vs westindies world cup 2015 live streaming udsendelse
India vs westindies wereld kopje 2015 live streaming uitzending
الهند مقابل ويستينديس العالم كأس 2015 تدفق البث المباشر
India vs westindies world cup 2015 live streaming saade
Inde vs westindies monde Coupe 2015 streaming diffusion en direct
Indien Vs Westindies World Cup 2015 live streaming-Übertragung
India vs westindies dunia Piala 2015 streaming siaran langsung
India vs westindies lume Cupa 2015 streaming difuzare în direct
Índia vs westindies mundo Copa 2015 transmissão ao vivo streaming

WEST INDIES IN WORLD CUP 2015 DD1 Live Streaming

After Seeing West Indies Performance in world cup 2015 stating match it was confirmed that they will not going to win the world cup as they got deafeat by Ireland team .West Indies have a world record of winning world cup three times in stating of world cup series. After in world cup 2015 less confodence of team can be easily seen and but in next match their entry was classic they scored 300+ against Pakistan and Pakistan got 4 wickets out at 1 runs this was the biggest reocrd in world cup. This confirm that West Indies is enough strong to defeat any team in world cup. Their Next match was with Zimbabwe and Chris Gayle Played a Stormfull inning he scored 215 runs in just 147 runs.
Many record was brokem on that day.

India in world cup 2015 Live Today match Streaming DD sports

Before world cup 2015 India have enough practice in Australia in Odi , Test and t20 series but after seeing their performance in those match it was confirm that India is not enough to go in Quarter Final but when the first match India against Pakistan playes on 15 feb everyone was shocked they won the the match with 76 runs and continous the record of defeating Pakistan in world cup . Inda defeat Pakistan 6 times in world cup from  matches. Next match of India was woth South Africa and India never won against South Africa in world cup but this time history was not repeat.India won the match against South Africa in world cup 2015.

 Last Five Odi Result of India vs West indies

 DATE             WINNER
24 Nov 2013     West Indies won by 2 wickets   
27 Nov 2013      India won by 5 wickets
8 Oct 2014         West Indies won by 124 runs
11 Oct 2014      India won by 48 runs
17 Oct 2014      India won by 59 runs


india vs west indies world cup 2015 6th march

Now next match of India is against West Indies. Chris Gayle from West indies in good form and from India Virat Kohli is playing Well.

Live Streaming of WI vs Ind can be seen on More Link coming....
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