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RIP Richie Benaud Died at 84 Australia cricket legend & commentator

Richie Benaud died 10 april 2015 84 years

Richie Benaud Died 10 April 2015 was 84 Year Old.

Tribute to Richie Benaud , the former Australia captain and cricket commentator, who has died aged 84.RIP Richie Benaud who Died on 10 April 2015 due to skin cancer.
Richie Benaud who has played 63 matches till 1964 amd 28 as a captain is nomore . He was a great commentator and best player of Australia died 10 Apil 2015. He was also a inspirational captain for Australia and all over the world.
Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli pay tribute to Richie Benaud.
Richie Benaud born on 6 October 1930 and Died on 10th April 2015

Richie Benaud Died 10th April 2015 battling from Skin Cancer Australia Player

Richie BEnaud 8 rules of commentary

 Never ask for a statement.
    Remember the value of a pause.
    There are no teams in the world called 'we' or 'they'.
    Avoid cliches and banalities, such as 'he's hit that to the boundary', 'he won't want to get out now', 'of course', 'as you can see on the screen'.
    The Titanic was a tragedy, the Ethiopian drought a disaster, and neither bears any relation to a dropped catch.
    Put your brain into gear before opening your mouth.
    Concentrate fiercely at all times.
    Above all, don't take yourself too seriously, and have fun.

 Benaud was an outstanding player of Australia Team .In his career he took 945 wickets in 259 first-class matches and made 11,719 first-class runs, scoring 23 centuries at an average of 36.50.

Gideon Haigh described him as "perhaps the most influential cricketer and cricket personality since the Second World War

Richie Benaud played 63 matches in Test with 116 innings 16374 ball played    6704 runs scored and 248 wickets taken. His Best was 72 / 7  with economy of 2.46 and average 27.03. His Strike Rate was 66.02 with 5 wickets taken 16 time    and 10 wckets 1 time.


Australia vs West Indies, 5th Test
West Indies in Australia Test Series
Sydney Cricket Ground, January 25, 1952, 25 January, 1952

Australia 1st Innings
Australia : 116/10 in 36.2 ovs

Colin McDonald   
c Worrell b Gomez
32 runs and balls played 63

George Thoms   
b Gomez
16  runs and balls played 85

Lindsay Hassett(c)
c Guillen b Gomez
2 runs and balls played 10

Neil Harvey   
b Gomez
18 runs and balls played 37

Keith Miller   
c Rae b Worrell
20 runs and balls played 68

Graeme Hole   
c Guillen b Worrell
1 runs and balls played 8

Richie Benaud   
c Stollmeyer b Gomez
3 runs and balls played 10

Ray Lindwall   
c Worrell b Gomez
0 runs and balls played 1

Doug Ring   
c Atkinson b Gomez
4 runs and balls played 25

Gil Langley(k)
c Weekes b Worrell
6 runs and balls played 28

Bill Johnston   
not out
13 runs and balls played 19

Extras :
(b -0, w -0, nb - 0, lb - 1)
 Run Rate 2.64
Total :
( 116 for 10 in 36.2 ovs)



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